Student’s Reviews



I took admission in DPS when I was in Class 8. At that time, ?I was quite apprehensive about the school,. Whether I would make friends, Whether I would be able to adjust to the surroundings, and the list was long……….
However even before I realized, I became an integral part of the school, adjusting quite easily. The overwhelming ambience of the school, the enormous sports ground and above all the numerous trees that seemed like a green envelope around the huge cement building- became part and parcel of my life! I was always in awe of the school throughout the 5 years that I was there. The school reached great heights under the able guidance and care of the multi faceted Manoj Sir, whose Classes of Maths were never boring!
World would keep pouring, If start talking about my school. The nostalgia would never end……………
Words would like to thank  all the teachers Gayatri ma’am for teaching us the nuances of the English Language. Parbat Sir for teaching us the nitty gritty of India and the world. The talented trinity of Sujata ma’am , Raviprakash Sir and Bhavin Sir for developing our love for Science andVishal Sir for always helping us in our tough time. The ever animated, the ever enthusiastic Divya Ma’am  who solidified our love for Maths. In the end, I would also like to thank Nilesh Sir for “ shuddhifying” our Hindi.
Huge thanks to all the students and staff members of the illustrious DPS family. May the flag of DPs always fly high.


Keyur Borad
(Batch 2012-2013)


Sweet Memories…………………….


A good school is one that provides the best resources to its students and lets them achieve their full potential, and  I realized this only when I joined DPS Rajkot.
Positive work ethics and pursuit of excellence has always been the strength  of DPs which helped me shape my life in a positive way. Motivating sessions enthused with the overwhelming culture of humility permeate the ethos of DPS. The helped me in developing into a self motivated, caring and balanced individual with sound moral values and has made me capable of facing the challenges of the future positively and comprehensively.
I cannot express enough thanks to my school for the continuous support and encouragement. I offer my sincere appreciation for learning opportunities provided by my school.
My sincere appreciation for learning opportunities provided by my school.
Dear Teachers your kindness, your empathy, your care and concern- all these things have made me what I am today. It would never have been possible without your kind support. I am highly indebted to you all for this and will forever cherish the sweet memories of my alma mater……….


Priyanshi Singh
(Batch 2012-13)


Perfect School life………………..


My experience at DPs Rajkot was no less than what one could imagine of having a perfect school life. It all began 9 years ago. It was the summer of 06 and I had no idea how this new school was going to be. This school made me develop myself and the best part of this school were the teachers. Trust me when I say it I really mean every inch of my soul because what I was taught has led me to where  I am. Not gloating. But soon I am planning to go to Itally for a summer school experience representing my university. Had it not been for my English teacher, I would have been nowhere (Oh come on, we all know who I am talking about !) Not only her, but everyone from Math, Chemistry, Physics and our Class teacher supported me and my batchmates in every possible way. Now that I have left school, their absence reminds me more of their contribution towards me. And each time I achieve something, I know who the credit goes to………….


Abhijeet Khachar
(Batch 2012- 13)


DPS Rajkot is where I discovered my love for words. The school encouraged us to write for The Times of India. Thus so many of my poems were published I have continued writing even in college. Here’s sample Hope you all enjoy it!
Colors of dark grey and black fill the world in which I live.
No other feeling could possibly be worse than this, Where once was a room filled with laughter & Cheer, Now stands loneliness emptiness and despair Memories of you seem to creep around the corners of my mind, Endless haunting images of your face that won’t decline, An overwhelming of emotion that my body can’t contain, Fills my soul with unbearable grief, sorrow and pain. Oh How I long to hold you in my arms just once more, And tell you that things will be again, as they were before, But, as reality sinks in, I know that will never be, For the choices that I’ve made in my life have sealed our destiny. No one could ever fathom how wretchedly my heart aches, And how I greatly regret that you’ve had to  pay for my mistakes, If  go back in time, and change only one wrong that I’ve done, I’d go back to the Hour to the second, on the day I lost you. My son.


Palak Lakhani
(Batch 2012-13)


Many times people catch me smiling or laughing for no particular reason, and think that I am crazy. Little do they know that it is my school which has, yet again, put a smile on my face.
When I walked into DPS Rajkot for the first time all those years ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect all that I got.
During my school days, I learned a lot more than the subjects which were a part of our curriculum. I learned the importance of team work, dedication, respect,
honesty and all those things which are extremely important for good education, but are sadly neglected in many schools.
I am glad to say that our school focuses on all the things. That are necessary.
The teachers at our school realize a very important thing and the thing is that making students learn is not important.
What is important is inculcating a love for learning in the students. The teachers have certainly succeeded in that.
Every memory of school life is a cherished one. Memories of the teachers, the awesome friends, the competitions, the rides in the school bus almost every thing. Many a times, I wish if I could turn the clock back at a few years so that I could once again ride on the school bus and go to the place where I have spent the best seven years of my life.


Akshay Singh
(Batch 2010-11)

The two years I spent in DPS Rajkot were the most crucial years of my life. It is the school which not only gave me a dream but also guided me on the right path to achieve it. And today, when I judge myself where I stand and what really I have gained, I find myself for being a part of the DPS Rajkot family.
It is rightly said that school is a temple and teachers are God. The sanctity of DPS Rajkot is incomparable. Here the students are not an individual but integral part of a family to whom moral values are equally important as academics in building their career and life. The beginning of the day with a beautiful morning prayer, followed by value added classes, interactive teaching by the expertise is what I miss the most.
I am thankful to the school for giving us opportunities to present ourselves on various occasions thus enabling us to face the competitive world ahead. I am grateful to the school for still remembering us the way we do and thereby making the words go wrong that ‘Education and school are hot business entities’.


Saurabh Bhansali
(Batch 2010-11)

School is always called a temple of learning where teachers and students share a cordial bond based on mutual understanding, but I never experienced it untill I came here.
It is truly a temple of learning, where I have learnt to deal with every aspect of life. In fact I learnt the very method to make and live life. During the whole journey, I learnt to walk under the guidance of my teachers ; stumbled at times, yet like guardians they stood beside and helped to strike the balance again. After every fall, they gave me courage to get up and continue the journey; and gave important lessons to always ponder over. I am highly thankful to the contribution they have made, but I am incapable of paying back anything except my whole hearted thanks.


Apurva Dhingra
(Batch 2010-11)


It was a good time to be there in DPS Rajkot for five years. All I learnt was not only in the field of academics but it was an all round development right from sports to communication skills, from performing during the various functions and occasions to fun and enjoying the life to the fullest.
Today, when I see the college mates, I find myself to be quite lucky for being a part of every event in the college and even winning. The school made me take part in every competition coming quite often.
I even find myself to be fortunate for the reason that my school still remembers me and gave a chance to express my views in the upcoming edition of Darpan, and for this I am thankful to my school.


Amrul Khan Mahorvani
(Batch 2010-11)


Thank you teachers

I cannot thank you all enough dear teachers for what you have d one for me. I joined the school as a Hostelite – so literally the school was second home for me!
The days spent in the school area truly unforgettable and will be forever etched in my mind. Every activity I participated in and every prize I won made me a more confident person. Especially, the debates. I participated in and the group discussions stand in good stead as I have become a lawyer today.
I wish everyone in the school all the best for  the future and I am sure the school will continue to educate generations of students like me and make a difference in their live!


Parth Trivedi
(Batch 2009-10)