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Rajkot has emerged as a fast growing industrial hub in Gujarat and attained eminence as a centre of excellence in higher education in the Saurashtra region.

Delhi Public School Rajkot founded in 2002, is one of the schools run under the aegis of Delhi Public School Society, recognized throughout the academic world for its progressive approach to education, path breaking educational practices and commitment to excellence.


The school campus is located on the outskirts of the city at Haripar, away from the noise and congestion characteristic of the city life, in lush green and pollution free surroundings.

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Gaurav Surywanshi

Student(Batch 2016-2017)

I still remember the wonderful moments spent in school – talking to friends in canteen, having lunch in the class, laughing at the jokes cracked by friends, playing cricket. Even those conversations during breaks, playing football, being one moment here and other moment there. Each memory is so vivid in the mind! Not realizing then, these experiences are something which we remember for lifetime. I had the privilege of being a student at DPS Rajkot from Classes 3 to 12, serving twice as Ganga House Captain and then the Head Boy. This was such an unforgettable period of my life. I would like to thank my teachers especially Principal Sir for their immense support and for making my foundation of Maths subject rock solid for JEE because of which I am a student at IIT Kharagpur at present. Sitting here and remembering those years brings tears to my eyes. Thank you DPS for whatever you gave and all the best to my juniors for their future life. Regards.


Anoushka Jain

Student(Batch 2015-2016)

14 years. A very long time indeed. A time which can never be measured. All the memories made
with each person in this school had made this journey remarkable. A huge thank you to Principal Sir and all the teachers who taught me and helped me to be me! take pride in saying to people that I have studied in a school where we are taught to be us and given loads of memories to cherish for lifetime. I remember making my first friends here, growing up here and facing challenges. I miss a lot of people and those years I spent there, helping classmates, participating, learning new things, bringing about a change in me as I grew up. I miss my classmates (from Nursery to Class 12), teachers that I have loved, lovely juniors, the school functions especially the annual function. That excitement we used to have of celebrating Teachers’ Day, wearing pretty sarees, having fun, everything was just awesome. This is a place where I learnt to connect to myself through music and dance. So, thank you DPS for providing me such an awesome opportunity to learn and participate in competitions. Thank your Principal Sir for giving me the opportunity to go for Interschool competitions. Thank you, each teacher, for building up my confidence in everything. The memories I have had in DPS are just priceless. I remember sitting in the lush green campus of the school during lunch breaks, sports day and enjoying with friends. Principal sir guided us to be a better generation in every way possible and gave me the opportunity to be a part of student’s council during the time I spent in DPS. I can’t summarize all the memories I have had in these 14 years. The school will remain in my heart forever and ever, since this is the place which formed the base for my future! Truly proud to be a Dipsite!


Akshada Easwar

Student(Batch 2014-2015)

It has been a long and amazing ride throughout my experience of 10 years in school. I cannot thank my teachers, Principal Sir, all the students and the lovely school environment enough. I joined the school as a tiny tot in Pre – Primary section. I received a lot of encouragement and support of my teachers during the years. I took part in many co – curricular activities and as Vice Head Girl organised them too. The school days will not come back again. I am really indebted to DPS and DPS family which made such a huge difference in my life by inspiring and motivating me for my career in medicine. Thank you.


Abijeet Khachar

Student(Batch 2012-2013)

Perfect School life………………..
My experience at DPs Rajkot was no less than what one could imagine of having a perfect school life. It all began 9 years ago. It was the summer of 06 and I had no idea how this new school was going to be. This school made me develop myself and the best part of this school were the teachers. Trust me when I say it I really mean every inch of my soul because what I was taught has led me to where  I am. Not gloating. But soon I am planning to go to Itally for a summer school experience representing my university. Had it not been for my English teacher, I would have been nowhere (Oh come on, we all know who I am talking about !) Not only her, but everyone from Math, Chemistry, Physics and our Class teacher supported me and my batchmates in every possible way. Now that I have left school, their absence reminds me more of their contribution towards me. And each time I achieve something, I know who the credit goes to………….


Priyanshi Singh

Student(Batch 2012-2013)

A good school is one that provides the best resources to its students and lets them achieve their full potential, and  I realized this only when I joined DPS Rajkot. Positive work ethics and pursuit of excellence has always been the strength  of DPs which helped me shape my life in a positive way. Motivating sessions enthused with the overwhelming culture of humility permeate the ethos of DPS. The helped me in developing into a self motivated, caring and balanced individual with sound moral values and has made me capable of facing the challenges of the future positively and comprehensively. I cannot express enough thanks to my school for the continuous support and encouragement. I offer my sincere appreciation for learning opportunities provided by my school. My sincere appreciation for learning opportunities provided by my school. Dear Teachers your kindness, your empathy, your care and concern- all these things have made me what I am today. It would never have been possible without your kind support. I am highly indebted to you all for this and will forever cherish the sweet memories of my alma mater……….


Keyur Borad

Student(Batch 2013-2014)

I took admission in DPS when I was in Class 8. At that time, I was quite apprehensive about the school,. Whether I would make friends, Whether I would be able to adjust to the surroundings, and the list was long………. However even before I realized, I became an integral part of the school, adjusting quite easily. The overwhelming ambience of the school, the enormous sports ground and above all the numerous trees that seemed like a green envelope around the huge cement building- became part and parcel of my life! I was always in awe of the school throughout the 5 years that I was there.